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Does Candida Interfere with Digestion?

I've always thought something was wrong, but never really knew what. I've had gas, bloating, and tended to be very sickly. I knew that I wasn't getting nutrition from foods as tons of foods that I've eaten remained completely undigested. Is this a common for Candida to interfere with digestion?
asked Jul 21, 2013 in Diagnosis by Lore

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For the longest I thought it was only me who had those problems, and it was so unique. It got to a certain point where I became obsessed and would only talk about it with everybody that even my family members joked about my obsessive behavior with stool. It gave me creeps every morning as I approached the toilet; I didn’t know if it’s going to be the same hot mess I’ll be leading myself into again. You can compare that feeling to a teen girl’s about her pimples. Mine was only worse. I let it eat at me, and it was really dumb.

It started with the usual gas and bloating and guess what kept floating on the water! Grains like quinoa, amaranth; vegetables (beans and carrots); alongside, the flatulence problem was on the rise. I won’t go telling you about how I found out the gastric acid and gut flora deficiency in me – that’s a long story – but one thing is for sure, Candida does interfere with your digestive capabilities and eats you from inside. I was a coffee and chocolate guzzler and as a child, my family members thought there’s no other way out than antibiotics even for common cold and coughs, so what followed was disastrous for my gut health, in the long run. Now we all should know that antibiotics are not useful for colds, but do certainly have a place.

Now, this might seem like going off track but it isn’t. The suffering taught me one thing: Do not just focus on the center but on the entire circle first and then narrow down your view on the center. Like during my childhood years, everyone was worried that I got the cold but no one bothered with why I got them so frequently. They were happy that the cold was gone with the antibiotics (so they thought) and breathed relief till I had another attack. All that screwed my thymus gland to a large extent – a truth I came to know much later – and also my gut. The worst part is: The physician on whom my guardians relied so much treated my viral infections with the antibiotics! So while the virus raged on, the beneficial bacterium kicked bucket and depleted T-lymphocyte levels did the rest. I wish there was a separate law on ‘seeking revenge’. However, that’s beside the point; all I want to say is: DO NOT TRY TREATING A STOMACH INFECTION WITH ANTIBIOTICS, IT WILL ONLY WORSEN YOUR SYMPTOMS.

What you should do instead is opt for a total cleanse. I can’t stress enough the importance of freeing your insides from accumulated fecal wastes and no, this is no detox I’m suggesting. Candida uses the waste matters as its hideout and feeds on the undigested food particles; colored vegetables, being high on sugars spell ‘party time’ for the fungi. Castor oil not only cleans your bowels and restores normal peristalsis but is also anti-microbial by nature. To top it all, it prepares the bowels for the gut flora to grow back, so it will be foolish not taking it. 2 to 3 tbsp in lukewarm water for 3 consecutive days added with a dash of lemon and followed up by two large garlic cloves. These must be chewed thoroughly (I know that’s painful but it will take away the larger pain) and swallowed. Keep drinking the lukewarm water till you feel time is ripe to vacate your bowels. 5 to 6 times and you are bound to feel a lot lighter.

Now, to restart your digestion process, follow what’s written in this post. It says nicely what you must do but at the same time, you must start taking probiotics supplements and fortify your insides. To make the probiotics benefit you optimally, stimulate your thymus gland as it’s told here.

For these three days, try to be on absolutely green veggies, eggs and lean meat, but never stuff yourself. Also, sleep early and finish your dinner at least three hours before you go to sleep. You already got a weak digestion, so don’t strain an already overstrained engine.

The probiotics supplement is MUST. They keep Candida under control. Continue for a month and then let us know the results. I should know if others have been benefitted as much as I.
answered Jul 22, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)