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I have severe vaginal burning & itching with special circumstances.

I had a vaginal hysterectomy December 24th. In February a sinus surgery. Due to staph, MRSA & pseudomonas have had to take 3 different antibiotics, one right after the other. I start the last one Monday morning. I love both using OTC medicated wipes & cream but only get temporary relief. What else can I do?  OBGYN has cleared me regardling hysterectomy. I'm miserable. Thanks
asked Apr 23, 2016 in Menstruation by anonymous

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While antibiotics will certainly kill various pathogens and disease-causing bacteria, they will also destroy the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut that form an indispensable part of your immune system as these bacteria form one of your first lines of defense against disease. Even worse, antibiotics kill the very microorganisms that are preventing a Candida overgrowth. Ordinarily, Candida Albicans has to fight with other bacteria for space and nutrients in your gut. When you destroy those other bacteria, the Candida yeast cells have all the nutrients they need to multiply and expand their colonies quickly. Indeed, antibiotics are probably the most common cause of a Candida overgrowth.

You can vitamin C will help you to recover just as fast, without taking a wrecking ball to your immune system. The long term benefits are more than worth it. Coconut oil is another item you should start taking due to its antifungal properties. 

The medium-chain saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are potent antimicrobial agents, effective against fungi, viruses and many bacteria. The most effective fatty acids are caprylic acid (with 8 carbon atoms), capric acid (10 carbon atoms) and lauric acid (12 carbon). They appear to work by causing microbial cell walls to disintegrate. Coconut oil appears to be effective within days. With Candida take initially 4 tablespoons of coconut oil spread out during the day, and after improvement you may reduce this to 2 tablespoons for several more weeks. This seems to be effective against systemic as well as localised infestations, including those of the genitals. However, it is advisable to apply coconut oil topically as well. Also please remember to alter your diet by avoiding grains, sugars and alcohol until your condition gets better.

answered Sep 28, 2016 by ASN