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should i take probiotics along with this regime if so,when and how?

asked Oct 3, 2014 in Diet by Kim

1 Answer

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I would recommend taking them after you finish your cleanse, and soon after you begin the strict anti-Candida diet.There are a couple of reasons not to start probiotics while you are doing the cleanse. Firstly, the cleanse acts to flush your intestine, taking the Candida yeast, bacteria and everything else with it. If you’re spending money on good probiotics you don’t want to just wash them straight through! Secondly, if you start the probiotics at this point you might well experience Candida Die-Off. This is a difficult experience that you need to be prepared for, and the weakness and lack of energy that are often associated with a good cleanse would make it even harder.
answered Sep 24, 2016 by anonymous