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What is going on?

My period is 8 days late, I took two home pregnant tests and both came back negative,I have never been this late with a period, three days is the latest it's ever been, I don't really have any symptoms either, I am really tired though and my stomach feels weird, like I'm full but still hungry. today I also realized I have a yeast infection. I am also spotting a tiny bit, so little it's not even worth mentioning. Could the tests have been wrong? Could I be pregnant? Or did the yeast infection delay my period? Could there be something else wrong?
asked May 8, 2014 in Vaginal by anonymous

1 Answer

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You can have late periods, but I do not think that is caused by a yeast infection.

It may be caused by stress, etc.

My suggestion would be to take a pregnancy test and possibly visit your OBGyn.
answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous