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Want to get pregnant, need to get rid of candida?

I found your website while doing some research on Candida, as I am 100% convinced that I have this issue. I have been battling this for the past 9 years, but probably just realized that this is the issue in the past year. Medical doctors have been less than helpful, prescribing me one diflucan pill to get rid of the immediate symptoms, only to have it re-occur within a few weeks or months. I have had blood tests and urine samples, they all say everything is great. Meanwhile, I feel AWFUL...so tired, always bloated, thyroid issues, recurrent yeast infections, oral thrush, gas, UTI's, brain fog, poor memory and I am only 30 years old! I have just recently introduced probiotics into my life and have been eating gluten free for approximately 6 years. I am a vegetarian and eat very healthy, making most of my foods. However, I definitely notice a difference when I eat anything containing vinegar and when I eat food containing sugar. I found your website several days ago, and have decided to try to eliminate sugar/grains out of my diet for the next two weeks. My biggest concern is that I am planning on getting pregnant in the next couple of weeks and I don't know what I should do, as it seems that most of the solutions to this problem are not really safe for pregnancy? Do you have any suggestions for me? I want to get rid of this problem, as I want to be healthy for my pregnancy. Thank you!
asked May 20, 2014 in Pregnant/Nursing by marlane

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What you're asking is really tough. This isn't a problem that goes away asap, and will most likely get worse if you are pregnant. You also need to be able to eat certain foods if you are pregnant as the baby will need all the nutrition that it can receive.
answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous