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Need to get rid of yeast infection that's getting worse

I first came across a vaginal discharge which has a mild odor and is similar to cottage cheese about two years ago and did not take it to be an infection. At that time I was on an unhealthy diet with a lot of sugary food and carbs. Last year, during summer the itching got worse and couple of bumps with a reddish surface on the vagina appeared. Then I talked to a pharmacists and she gave me an antibiotic pill and a cream to apply inside vagina with a syringe. I took the pill but did not apply the cream due to a phobia i have. I was not worried about this until I read that it could affect brain's activities. An advice for a cure would be appreciated.
asked May 20, 2014 in Vaginal by anonymous

1 Answer

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The odds of a yeast infection affecting your brain is very very slim. Of course there are other health problems that it can cause, and I'd be looking to get rid of it asap. I also wouldn't get the medicine from talking with a pharmacist, but instead, you should look to visit your OB/GYN and have it looked at. What if it's not a yeast infection, but another infection? The only way to know would be for your doctor to take a good look and ensure that it's what you think it is.
answered Jun 12, 2014 by anonymous