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I have yeast infection, thrush and need some guidance

I am a mostly healthy 43 year old who has had very moderate use of antibiotics and used contraceptive pills for about 4 years off and on in my twenties. 5 years ago when I had my (3rd child) daughter I ended up with a staph infection in my epidural site which they then proceeded to treat with heavy antibiotics. I ended up on 8000g/day of Flucloxacillan for 20 days via a pik line, then a further 14 days of 4000g/day. Since then on occasion I have had a very sore cracked tongue with with what I believe is thrush white trails that appear in the mornings. It seems to be better in the mornings and becomes worse as the day goes on. Recently it has definitely become worse and salty/ sugary foods aggravate it. - red wine, blue cheese very sore.

I have tried different types of natural remedies baking soda in warm water does ease the tongue. I have also been given Nystatin from the doctor this week - with a slight change, still white trails on my tongue in the morning but I am still managing it with what I eat and swishing with baking soda morning and night.

I have no problem with vaginal thrush. I have suffered from athletes foot since I was 19/20 which has now infected the smallest toe nail on my right foot. I have treated the athletes foot topically but have researched fungal nail cures.

I just want some guidance before I start randomly purchasing different products trying to get rid of this.
asked Feb 27, 2014 in General Candida Questions by anonymous

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The athlete's foot is a definite sign of yeast infection, and it shows that you have fungus at least in your feet, and possibly your mouth as well. I would really start thinking of going on a good anti candida diet as you are suffering from a fungal infection which has clearly been persistent for years. If you took Oral Nystatin that you took didn't even get rid of your athlete's foot, so we know it's quite persistent.
answered Mar 15, 2014 by anonymous