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My daughter is on antibiotics and I want to prevent yeast overgrowth

My 13 year old daughter is on clindamycin for a total of 6 months. I have spent countless hours researching the actinomycosis infection hoping to find someone who has treated this infection for a shorter amount of time. No luck. She will finish this treatment in 2 months. I am giving her probiotics daily, a multivitamin and vitamin c.

So far she has had no problems taking this antibiotic but I am keenly aware of yeast overgrowth, c-diff and other downsides to antibiotics. Do you have any suggestions to cleanse the clindamycin from her body when she has completed this treatment. I want to prevent yeast overgrowth and any other antibiotic residue from creating a problem in the future.
asked Oct 28, 2014 in General Candida Questions by anonymous

1 Answer

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Whenever I take antibiotics I ALWAYS take probiotics, probacto is great if you're trying to prevent yeast. If you have the means to, then make kefir as well.
answered Oct 28, 2014 by anonymous