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Lizard hide like rash all over body and asthma

A year or so ago I started to itch on my back and shoulders, and it has now spread to my arms, legs, feet, hands, ears, basically all over my body. My forearms are real bad now. There are bumps under the skin you can see when you scratch. My skin on my fore arms look like a lizard hide, not normal looking. My left arm, hand, leg and foot are numb and tingly and is spreading to the right side. I have lost some memory and find my direction finding is not there. I also have asthema which is getting so bad I can't sleep. I cough about an hour and a half way breath and I wheeze the rest of the day. I can't do anything. The breathing has gotton this bad in the last month. I have also lost about 35 lbs. and have no will to eat. All of this has been a slow thing which is topping out. I have tried everyhing i know of. My medicine does not work anymore. My question is could this be a yeast build-up??? If so what can I do to feel better. I am at the end.
asked Feb 23, 2014 in General Candida Questions by michelle
recategorized Feb 26, 2014 by AdrianDole

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If it's a skin infection, a dermatologist should easily be able to do a skin scrape, or take a culture and test to see if it's a yeast infection, allergic dermatitis, or possibly something else.

It might not be a yeast infection, so if you're treating for the wrong thing, it might not be doing anything.
answered Feb 26, 2014 by anonymous