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Dust and Mold allergies?

Hello, My son(13) has PANS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome) similar to PANDAS but his syndrome, we think, was caused by mycoplasma infection. He has been on Antibiotic treatment for 1 year for this. Due to this he has a yeast infection (confirmed by stool testing) and low beneficial bacteria. He is taking a high dose Probiotic VSL#3 to replenish good bacteria and ADP oregano oil caplet, Grapefruit seed Caplet to treat the yeast. We will be removing his antibiotic in about 2 weeks. ( I am switching to a more natural treatment for him). We see an immunologist for PANS and allergy ( dog,dust mites, mold) and an integrative MD for supplements and yeast. 
He was doing really well but just had his birthday and ate a bit too many sweet items. So I believe his yeast systems are returning. He had/has a terrible diet consisting mainly of sugary foods. Since the yeast diagnosis we cut down tremendously on junk food and sweets, only drinks water now , no soda, juice or milk .He is extremely picky and hates vegetables (he gags and can't swallow). My question is how to get him to eat properly to get rid of the yeast. He has lost some weight since we removed the junk food, but I still can't get him to eat a balanced diet. I was hoping after removing the junk food he would be hungry enough to eat foods that he wouldn't before. Any suggestions for this? I believe this might be a sensory issue for him.
Lastly, he receives allergy shots weekly for the above listed allergens. Is it safe for him to get an allergy shot for mold? Isn't mold like yeast a fungus? Out of the 3 shots he receives, mold is always the shot with a slight reaction (mild redness) the other two shots have little or no skin reactions.
asked Jun 4, 2015 in Diet by anonymous

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