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UTI should I take antibiotics

About two years ago I started experiencing chronic UTIs. I'd start an antibiotic treatment and a week later I would have another UTI. My lifestyle at the time was not very healthy, I enjoyed my wine and didn't eat properly. I then started taking Zyban to kick a bad smoking habit and ended up in hospital after having suffered two grand mal seizures. 
The long and short of it is that I ended up seeking a naturalists help in London who did many wonderful things to me including working on my digestive system, understanding what food allergies I had, colonics etc. I came home feeling wonderful and didn't have UTIs for a full year during which I had a beautiful baby girl.
Well now I'm back to square one after my dermatologist gave me a dose of prednisone which I believed kicked me over the edge. I have had 2 UTIs over the past 3 weeks during which I suffered from constipation. I consulted my local health shop as I knew what was going on with Candida and Leaky gut, and started taking some of the supplements that you've mentioned in your article. My question is, I currently have a UTI, there is some blood in the urine and although I would have taken antibiotics for this I don't want to get into that vicious cycle; shall I continue with the proper diet, candida cleansers, probiotics etc that I'm currently taking in the hope that the UTI will go away as I get better OR do you recommend I take a dose of antibiotics while still on these supplements and the proper diet?
asked Jun 8, 2015 in Treatment by nicole

1 Answer

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You have to start with a candida diet there is no question about that one. Go with this candida diet here, you will thank me later, it is one of the best candida diet protocols out there and you can also download the candidarecipes from probacto blog but make sure to order their probiotics and the candida cfort10. Give it 2 months and then share with us your progress,

answered Jun 15, 2015 by anonymous