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Terrible odour coming out of vagina

I have a terrible foul food like odour coming out of my vagina after I've been treated for bacterial vaginosis about a year ago. It happens when I sweat, and my OBGyn claims that it's fine, but no matter how much I clean myself it has a terrible odour. People think I'm crazy, but my coworkers are covering their nose when they walk by.
asked Jun 9, 2015 in Treatment by anonymous

1 Answer

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Sounds like a candida overgrowth to me. Itching and odor are the common signs and symptoms of yeast infection specially vaginal yeast. I highly recommend you try probacto probiotics and nettle leaf tea for at least 2-3 months.

Make sure to take shower twice a day and dry your private part.
answered Jun 10, 2015 by anonymous