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Toenail Fungus and Thrush Correlation

I came acrossed your site in a search for a correlation between toenail fungus and thrush in the breast. I have a 3 month old daughter and am breastfeeding. I have been experiencing thrush from the time she was 2 weeks old and I am currently experiencing rapdily growing toenail fungus. I am starting my research on cause and cures. I have always had one messed up toenail because I dropped something on it about 15 years ago, it never healed but it never spread. While I was pregnant it spread to another toe and now recently to another toe. I had a C-section so I had antibiotics. I have had reoccuring urinary tract infections over the last 15 years so I have had antiobiotics periodically. About 3 years ago the urologist put me on 6 months of a low dose of anitbiotics to cure reoccuring urinary tract infections, I havent had one since. Between that time and now, I have experienced foggy brain, dizzy eyes, and irregular periods. In your opinion, could this all be related? I am afraid my daughter may be passed this as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
asked Jan 30, 2014 in Diagnosis by anonymous

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Normally I would recommend you to go on a good candida diet, but make sure the diet is safe to do while you are breastfeeding. As long as you are getting all the necessary nutrition you should be fine in theory, but do not take any unnecessary risk unless you are sure you can do it without causing harm to your or your daughter. Look at the diet, and show it to your doctor, ask for their opinion. The problem is a lot of people on a candida diet lose a lot of weight.

As to the yeast infection being passed onto your daughter, according to Medline Plus it's generally passed from the nipples during breastfeeding to the baby's mouth as they are excellent places for yeast to grow. If you do not have yeast on your nipples the chances of that being passed are far lower. Be careful with diaper rash as well.

Please see this link from Medline Plus for more information. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002452.htm
answered Feb 1, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)