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Candida Die-Off Questions?

I have been reading your pages about candida treatment & lifestyle changes. I was treated recently with a large amount of broad spectrum antibiotics & since have been diagnosed with vulvovaginal candida glabrata. I was prescribed boric acid pessaries by my GP which I started & then followed up with my gynaecologist 4 days later who additionally prescribed ketoconazole tablets. After starting these I became severely nauseous, lethargic (but couldn't sleep properly) & lost all appetite. The vaginal burning sensation (which had been resolving) returned & i developed a white coating on my tongue & feeling of something stuck in my throat. On the 3rd day I couldn't take it anymore & stopped. On reading your article I am now questioning if it was the drug causing me to feel so horrible or whether it was die off reaction of candida?
I did the spit test which showed long "tentacles" spanning down the glass. This frightened me a lot. 
I am willing to do the diet I saw on Probacto's blog. Do I need to take all the supplements you have listed or just a couple? How do you suggest I treat the oral thrush? Should i use the nystatin liquid?
I am so desperate to feel better. 
Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
asked Jan 25, 2014 in Die-Off by anonymous

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As always suggested, you want to follow the advice of a medical professional before using anything on the internet because they went to medical school for that and are the ones that know you best.

I wouldn't put as much trust into the spit test myself as it really just measures the mucous. If you use that as your complete gauge, then you might be disheartened, but instead look at how you are feeling. Are your symptoms getting better, do you feel more energy, etc. Using your own feeling as a gauge works far better.

Truthfully getting all the supplements can be very expensive. Some you might not be able to afford. I would stick with the ones from Probacto their probiotics, die-off, nettle tea, and also look at Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate as well.
answered Jan 25, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)