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Making sure I do not have candida die-off?

I have been suffering with candida for many years. It has blighted my life and i have used many methods to combat it but without success. I have scouted the internet and felt very confused and disillusioned by what i have read until i found your article. I am determined to finally, after all these years, to eradicate this debilitating condition. I had a roller coaster ride with the candida diet but now i am determined to persevere with the candida diet at all costs. Four years ago i suffered from pneumonia and was hospitalised for a week and had to conviless for seven weeks at home. Recently i have suffered with laryngitis and a chest infection, which i am currently recovering from. I am a working single parent with two children and am very concerned about the "candida die off". Can you please advise me on the best way to handle this gradually?
asked Jan 25, 2014 in Die-Off by heather

1 Answer

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answered Jan 25, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)