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Dark water + Itching + Discharge

Hi. I'm 34 year old women. I m separated with my husband 7 years before have no issue. (After separation i had never been in any other relationship nor any physical involvement with anyone). My problem is I'm experiencing (dark coffee color) water as well as sticky discharge from my vagina since last 6th months. Sometimes itches a lot. I don't know whats wrong. Having stomach ache in lower part ( below naval). As i 'm very shy so wouldn't be able to consult gynecologist. Please guide me what to do.
Thanks and regards
asked Jan 16, 2014 in Diagnosis by anonymous

1 Answer

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The gynecologist is there to help you. If they are not there to help you, then who is. They deal with hundreds or thousands of cases every year some far worse than yours. THe worst thing that you can do is be too embarassed to go to the doctor. Doctor's are not supposed to tell anybody either, what happens between you and your doctor is completely confidential.

If you believe it to be a yeast infection which it may be, then you can also go on a good diet, get the right probiotics, and you will recover faster. Even if you're on antifungals from the doctor, I would recommend taking probacto's probiotics, it's helped me tremendously.
answered Jan 17, 2014 by former sufferer