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Diet is the only cure for yeast infections?

Is diet the only way to cure a yeast infection?
asked Sep 4, 2013 in Treatment by Carley

1 Answer

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I'm not sure who perpetuated the myth that a “Candida diet” is the only cure for this condition, but whoever said so is wrong. Period. Everybodies body is different and diet is a major contributing factor, but there are people who have gotten rid of it with fluconazole, nizoral, etc. Diet combined with the right supplements are my favorite way to get rid of them, but some people have more success with drugs while others have more success with diet.

Another problem is that you can't actually rid your body of Candida altogether. It lives naturally within your body. Your ultimate goal is to bring the level of the yeast organism back to a normal balance and then work to prevent an overgrowth from occurring again. You'll never be completely healed if you don't address issues within your immune and digestive systems.

answered Sep 4, 2013 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)