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Which Probiotics cures lactose intolerance

I am lactose intolerant, and if I drink milk or even yogurt or ice cream I am up all night with diarrhea. Which probiotics can I take to cure lactose intolerance.
asked Aug 16, 2013 in Diet by Mark

1 Answer

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Most ask this question looking for a one (max two) word answer. If you want to go deeper, then read on; otherwise, find a probiotic supplement that has live-freeze streptococcus thermophillus in it as one of its constituents. Your lactose intolerance will be reduced, but I can't say that it would be a for sure cure; however, knowing the way it works and the degree of infection you currently have shall help you determine if the standard dose that fits your needs or you may need more to treat your condition. Even if you lactose intolerance is not due to candida, the thermo-strep will set you right. There’s no risk of overdosing with probiotic supplements, so if you don’t see any improvement after a 15-days-twice-daily regime, take it to another 15 and Bob’s your uncle!
Okay, I already hear the question coming: “Isn’t strep the culprit behind a sore - sorry, strep-throat?” Sure it is, but there are several types of strep around. It works the same way like all criminals are humans but all humans are not criminals. Getting to know all of them in minute details (according to their hemolytic – okay, let’s make that simple; it’s the way they break down red blood cells releasing hemoglobin - properties) will take a lot of time; we will keep that for another day. For the time being, just know there are the alpha (iron molecules in hemoglobin are oxidized) and beta (red blood cells rupture) hemolytic properties present. The type we are currently discussing to cure your lactose intolerance is the lactic acid bacteria group and not those in the phylum Firmicutes. These are anaerobic by nature and since they have no genes with surface proteins, harmful bacteria miss their hideouts and get killed easily.
S. thermophilus creates an enzyme called lactase, which breaks down milk sugar (lactose) into simple sugar and provides relief from all those gases and bloating associated with lactose intolerance. It also decomposes casein (milk protein) into amino acids and peptides, thus allowing an easier and effective absorption by the body..
Natural yogurt (in fact any fermented dairy product) consists of S. Thermophillus but not enough to cure an infection that has already set in. At best, they are good preventive measures.
Have S. Thermophillus if you are undergoing chemotherapy, they are highly effective in reducing its side effects, namely, severe inflammation of the small intestine and stopping nitrates from transforming into nitrites, which is itself a cancer-causing agent.
Hope that clears your confusion. Wish you a better and healthier living. 
answered Aug 19, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)