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Is Candida connected to oral thrush?

I have oral thrush is it a form of candida or are they connected in a way or another? I have all the symptoms of it with white coated tongue.
asked Oct 14, 2013 in Misc by Youva

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Yes, you are right. Candida is the real reason behind the symptoms of your oral thrush.
Many a times thrush has been misdiagnosed to be an infection caused by the bacteria but the real culprit is someone else. The physicians treating the patients with anti-bacterial medications find it difficult to get their patients relieved from the symptoms of oral thrush. Proper diagnosis has revealed the causative agent of the infection to be the yeast Candia.
So, is it that difficult to detect the presence of Candida in this case?
As you might know Candidiasis can be termed a chameleon disease as it can mould itself into a number of other disease symptoms thereby making its detection really very hard. While the patient gets treated for a misdiagnosis, the yeast goes on with its merry way of causing more harm to your system. If you experience the symptoms of oral thrush there is every possibility that it is infact Candida. Under such circumstances get yourself tested for the presence of Candida with a reliable detection kit like CanDia5.
The causative agent behind thrush:
Dr. Glavey from the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Galway University Hospital, Ireland has identified Candida as the critical player in the development of oral thrush. It has now been established beyond doubt that the yeast Candida is the causative agent of the infection that leads to oral thrush. By now it is well known fact to you that Candida is a part of the normal microflora of our body. It is present in small numbers in our gastrointestinal tract, mouth and skin under normal conditions. But certain circumstances like illness, medications or stress can disturb the balance of the various microbial population of our body.
It is under these conditions that the Candida exploits the opportunity and grows out to unmanageable proportions. The manifestation of the disease is more severe in individuals with compromised immune system. It has also been observed that smokers or people who wear non-fitting dentures are more at risk of the symptoms of oral thrush. Thrush can just affect anyone irrespective of their age and sex. Breast feeding babies can pass on the thrush infection to their mothers.
How would you recognize oral thrush?
Although the symptoms of thrush may come up suddenly, they are not that difficult to recognize. Once developed, thrush establishes itself as a chronic symptom and may persist for longer periods if not intervened at the right time. The common sign by which you can easily recognize the development of thrush like infection is the formation of white creamy and little raised lesions in your mouth. Such lesions are commonly developed on the inner cheeks or the tongue as well as on gums, back of the throat, tonsils and roof of the mouth.
Dr. Venkatesh has demonstrated the ability of Candida to cause the infection that leads to oral thrush. The lesions may form a cheesy appearance and often bleeds during brushing. The severe cases of thrush might result in the spread of the infection in other parts of your body like liver, esophagus, skin and liver. As it spreads to the esophagus it causes pain while swallowing food with a feeling of struck food in the mid-chest or throat.
The right therapeutics:
Since, it is a confirmed fact that Candida is the causal agent of oral thrush, treatment of the condition with anti-bacterial agents is futile. Considering the fact of candida die off and other problems associated with the treatment of Candidiasis with anti-fungal agents also doesn’t hold significant promise as they might complicate the situation further. Dr. Li and his team from the Department of Medicine, Georgetown University Medical Center has studied on the role of probiotics in the prevention of Candida infection mediated thrush like symptoms.
They have found significant positive results in the alleviation of the problem of oral thrush both in immunocompromised and non-immunocompromised individuals. Thus, you can certainly go for a balanced probiotic product like ‘Probacto’ to help you prevent the symptoms of oral thrush.
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answered Oct 14, 2013 by Feroj Qualified Member (900 points)