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Do supplements help if I have a yeast infection?

I have been suffering from vaginal yeast infection for a very long time and i have tried almost everything. I have even used African herbal medicine but didn't feel better.

For the last one week i have been avoiding sugar and starch. It is very difficult but i have the will to do these. I would also wish to start taking the vitamins and the other medications that you can recommended. What about the doses and for how long should i take them?
asked Jul 31, 2013 in Diet by Candyland

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Unfortunately, I don’t know of any medication that can completely rid your body of a really bad yeast infection which continues to occur over and over. There are foods and supplements like garlic that can help.

Since these problems seem to a continuous occurrence for you, in order to completely cure the vaginal yeast infections you’ll likely need to go on strict diet in order to prevent the population of yeast from increasing instead of decreasing.

Avoiding sugar and starch is a great start, but you’ll need to take a closer look at some of the foods you’re eating. For example, carrots will change into sugar when your body is digesting them, and you’ll also need to check all of your condiments for dangerous chemical ingredients and added sugars.  Wheat can also serve as food for the yeast so you’ll need to avoid all products containing wheat. Be careful of sugar alcohols because most of these will stop your progress on an anti-yeast diet. Remember that any amount of sugar will feed the yeast allowing them to continue to survive, and most people forget about fruit which contains a sugar called fructose. So if you’re still eating fruit, you’re defeating your purpose by eating a food that will allow the yeast to continue to multiply.

As far as vitamins and other supplements are concerned; all of the regular vitamins you read about can help to keep your immune system is good working order. A weakened immune system plays a huge role in any illness, and this includes yeast infections. Your body will be more capable of fighting off any attack if the immune system and adrenal glands are at their top performance.

These are a few of the most important vitamins for building the immune system and in turn fighting ongoing yeast infections.

Vitamin A, D, and E. These are all oil-soluble vitamins and should be taken after a meal containing oil. As far as the doses are concerned, follow the instructions on the container.

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for strengthening the immune system and adrenals. You can take up to 5000 mg a day taken in 1000 mg doses.

B Vitamins: There are eight different B vitamins, and the only way to obtain the correct ratio of B vitamins is to supply your body with natural beneficial bacteria. This can be accomplished by eating plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt, drinking plain kefir, and take high dose of prebiotics. I would try to insert all three of these into your daily routine.  I would add the vitamin B called biotin for a few weeks since most people who have yeast problems seem to have at a degree of deficiency of this vitamin. These can be purchased in pill form, and you can take them at the same time you take the other vitamins.

A good mineral tonic would also be a good idea.  The most potent of these normally come in liquid form, and you can find various forms, some containing not only minerals, but herbs and vitamins as well. I would find the form which contains minerals only because these types will likely contain the most potent form of minerals. Some brands may come pre-mixed in juice, but you’ll want to avoid these as well. Look at the label and see how many different minerals are listed, in most cases, the more the better. Also read the ingredients very carefully. You want to be certain that there are no added ingredients which would sabotage your efforts on the yeast and sugar free diet.  I would go to a vitamin or health store in your area; tell the clerk exactly what you’re looking for, in fact, you may wish to write it down so that you won’t forget a few important facts. Remember, no sugar, and no unnecessary chemicals added to the tonic.

answered Jul 31, 2013 by Sean Knows About Candida (1,540 points)