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Can I eat fruit on a candida cleanse?

I would like to eat fruit while I am on a candida diet, some people say it's fine, others say to avoid it. Can I eat fruit while on it?  Is it because they are sweet? Isn't that good sugar?
asked Jul 31, 2013 in Diet by Melissa

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The most common and easiest answer to this question is NO. You should really avoid fruit while on a Candida cleanse or diet because fruit tends to be high in sugar. At least, the fruits people tend to love eating and often over-consume are high in sugar.

Most Candida diet plans will tell you to avoid fruits altogether. This means fruit in any form, including fresh fruits, dried fruits, canned fruits (especially in syrup), and fruit juices (even freshly squeezed). Even though the sugar in fruit is naturally occurring, Candida can still feed off of it – and will. Some fruits, like melons or fruits with stems, tend to harbor mold, which will make your problems even worse.

Some diets, like the one Dr. Eric Bakker created, talk about fruits in moderation. Of course, you have to be careful about the ones you choose, making sure you choose the ones lowest in sugar and fructose. Even still, he recommends avoiding them altogether in the first 2-4 weeks of your diet plan, adding them slowly but surely to make sure you don’t have a reaction.

What fruits are OK? Try kiwi, avocado, and green apples (tart apples, NOT sweet apples). Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, and pineapples are considered lower in natural fructose as well.

Oh, and if you’re tired of water, squeezing fresh lemon or lime juice into your glass is great for flavoring and will help keep your body’s pH balance in order!

As usual, talk to your doctor or naturopath if you’re not sure what fruits are right for your Candida cleanse. If in doubt, avoid them altogether. It can’t hurt.

answered Jul 31, 2013 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)