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Are there any foods that prevent candida in the body?

I'm not talking about a candida cleanse, but I'm curious about if there are any foods that can prevent candida in the body. Please let me know. Thanks
asked Jul 31, 2013 in Diet by Gale

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Hello Gale,
There are definitely foods that prevent candida in the body, it's not one or two of them but there are countless. It really depends on whether you are just trying to keep off from an infection or trying to avoid a relapse following a recovery. And there’s more to it. It might sound gross but check your stool every morning; if it floats, the NIH says there’s a high chance that you are not absorbing nutrition in your system. In that case, you’ll need more of the pre- and probiotics along with the food. Unless it is just the beginning (of a candida overgrowth, with symptoms just starting to show up), foods alone will be difficult to cure yourself with.
I hope you checked these links:
There’s a second part to the story, which I must bring up first. Just like you’ll choose certain foods, you must know what you MUST NOT. I can’t stress this enough; often times I have heard people whining (that too, a nasal whine) that greens and meats do not work, only to find them going whole hog on candida-friendly snacks (nuts, legumes, creamy pastries, pizza, carbonated drinks and so on) and getting into that infamous “once doesn’t hurt” theory a couple of times a month. This is how you weaken the candida, then feed it again and make it grow stronger and then you take an eternity to rid of it.
And, there’s coffee. Mental fatigue is as common a side-effect of candida infections as sugar craving, so coffee and cakes (especially, the chocolate ones) follow and so does a revived candida brigade. Just eating candida-preventing foods doesn’t help; at the same time, you must take care they do not get any help (I mean, food) to thrive and prosper.
I do not want to go on explaining everything (and that might bore you); instead, I give you two lists which you must follow ardently. These will also restart your food break-up and absorption in the body.
List I: You have no-to-mild-infection or you don’t want to get one:
Anything that’s prepared from Lactic acid fermentation. It works two ways; it keeps molds and pathogens out besides offering higher nutrient levels (especially vitamins like riboflavin, biotin, folic acid and pyroxidine). Make yogurt a staple, not the flavored ones but the plain variety with live cultures. Other probiotics rich foods you can take are Sauerkraut and kimchi; twice a week is more than enough. Step them up with a probiotic supplement; in the sense, you can mix it to the foods half an hour before consumption; still better, overnight. Also take sumptuous quantities of garlic, ginger, onion, cayenne and black pepper. All these shall keep Candida under control for the rest of your life.
List II: You had an infection and you don’t want to get it back:
Don’t get into high-fiber foods right at first. Initially, it should be lightly steamed/baked green vegetables (nothing bright colored; not even dark greens) are good choice. Stick to broccoli, cabbage, celery, radishes, turnips, kale and asparagus for the first 10 days. Introduce your gut to FOS (fructo-oligo saccharides), which is the nourishment for the probiotics. That should be 75% of your diet. Out of the rest 25%, 5% must be good fat to strengthen the immune system. Make that olive or coconut oil; they are highly anti-microbial too. However, go for the cold-pressed extra virgin types; they are the most effective. The rest 20% should be lean animal protein, but no dairy. Only fish, meat and eggs for the first month; as you feel the recovery, add dairy bit by bit.
You are urged to include everything recommended in List I; it will put your recovery on overdrive.
answered Jul 31, 2013 by Lauren