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What are some good snacks to eat if I have candida?

I feel like I can't eat anything because I have candida. What kind of snacks can I eat to last throughout the day and not starve to death.
asked Jul 29, 2013 in Diet by Su

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It can be tough being on a Candida diet knowing that you can't eat all the foods that you want. The problem is, it's best to eat full meals and let your stomach work and digest the food in between. Of course there are people who crave snacks nonstop and it helps them get through the day. So while snacking is generally not recommended, they are certainly okay to eat as it helps your mind stay level, and for some is the only way they would possibly maintain a diet suitable for eliminating candida.

Taking a meal only when you feel starved is bad for you and you end up eating more. A slightly-less-than-semi-full state is gets your metabolism rumbling and adding more food little by little will increase it gradually. A crawling metabolism can’t catch up that fast and homeostasis suffers. However, it is important you have no more than 2 snacks in between meals. Finding candida diet-friendly snacks (that taste good) is challenging, so that too will control your tendencies a wee bit.

It means you can’t have fruits and most of the low calorie, low fat pre-packaged snacks. Neither peanuts nor most other types of nuts, although almonds are okay. The most important point is it must not be carbohydrate-heavy; the more carbs it has, the lower the quantity.. 120 grams of carbs a day is the max allowed.

Best is if you can get raw, low-carb green veggies, like cucumbers, avocados, asparagus, lettuce and celery. Air-popped popcorn are also good, if you can control your consumption. They taste good with a little clarified butter and sea salt. Take care there’s no gluten.

Many just stick with brown rice crackers and eggs and/or chicken salad. Also tortilla chips, but these too are high in carbohydrates. Hummus goes well with both. But try avoiding the prepared Supermarket versions. A hummus recipe is easier to get than you think.

If you don’t like hummus, then try salsa. Just avoid the commercial, packaged varieties. There are a few that are without the two most offensive ingredients – distilled vinegar and lab-synthesized citric acid – these have apple cider vinegar instead, which fights candida. Or make it yourself using lemon juice instead of apple cider vinegar. As a drink, you may opt for cranberry nectar with the least possible sugar content.

I discourage yogurt as a snack. The plain variety is just too bland and there’s no point eating the flavored versions even if they are stuffed with probiotics. They are too sweet and hence, too much sugar. Must you have, try with a few chunks of salted nuts instead. Nuts are small packages of monounsaturated fats, protein, vitamin, antioxidants and other nutrients; besides, they are also a lot of fiber. They also turn cholesterol to testosterone.

answered Jul 29, 2013 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)