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Does Candida cause food intolerance and allergies

I feel like more and more I'm not really able to handle foods well. Is it possible that it can be candida?
asked Jul 28, 2013 in Diet by Loise

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Ahh the lovely food allergies. It starts all of a sudden and just keeps creeping up. From personal experience, I can tell you that it starts with lactose intolerance. I used to get severe abdominal cramps on the right side. It occurred once every week. I also noticed rumblings in the tummy before it starts. The cramps stayed around four hours and it was a very weak me even to get up from the bed. It took around two months to find out what was the problem and I stopped taking milk with tea and coffee. Ice-creams also stopped.

The next step was gluten intolerance. Chinese noodles gave me a runny stomach and a dizzy feel afterwards. I didn’t know I was struggling with CRC (Candida Related Complex) or anything called probiotics, so I went discarding food after food. But the severe intestinal imbalance had already started and I had Leaky Gut Syndrome. My intestinal walls went weak.

I noticed it was wheat and flour didn’t suit me. Soy and tomato sauce also made me sick. I couldn’t stand whiskey and cold cuts. All of them wanted to exit my body as soon as they entered. MSG was also a concern and ever since I learnt it, I check for dangerous additives when eating out or buying grocery. That keeps potential allergy hazards from relapsing.

To cut a long story short, it took quite some time to find out it is Candida. Conventional treatment worsened the conditions and many other forms of treatments. They all benefitted me till an extent but not fully. Until recently, a test revealed of a low T-lymphocyte and confirmed a lesser-performing thymus.

Now I am relieved of the longstanding allergies and stomach-related discomfort doing the thymus thumping. Believe me, it works. It helps you counter the food allergy. The T-lymphocytes also guard the probiotics you are taking till they adjust to a vastly new atmosphere. Overall, the probiotics bacteria and T-lymphocyte cells combat the pathogens together. However, you need to completely avoid the foods that are giving you runny stomach till you reduce Candida to normal levels and have sustained it there for at least a month. There is no bar on herbs and spices that are digestive and immune boosters; just take care you do not over do. Use them fresh, not the dried, commercial variety. It may contain mold and pesticide-residues. Fresh herbs and spices that are organically grown; not sprayed or treated genetically are the safest.
answered Jul 28, 2013 by Morgan Helper (260 points)