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What foods can I eat and cannot eat if I have candida?

What I can eat and cannot eat gets really confusing. Is diet really even necessary?
asked Jul 24, 2013 in Diet by Mandee

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This is a long haul that few can take up. That’s why most are never cured of Candida in their life. They take pounds of probiotics and whine and complain through posts like “why probiotics are of no use” while missing out on three of its most vital add-ons. 

Probiotics are comparable to rookies sent on training. They need someone to guide them in a vastly different environment. You don’t ship Marine Corps recruits on day one to some nasty war field. That way, most of them won’t survive and regardless of the bulk you send, they will die by scores. They need someone to guide them about enemy detections, fighting techniques and strategies, and T-Lymphocytes from the Thymus takes up the job. That, first of all, needs enough T-Lymphocytes on the job, so you must make ways for the Thymus to produce as many as needed. They are the body’s own antibiotics and all those ‘-mycins’ and ‘-azoles’ you took all these days – mostly the gulpable types – has shut them off. 

Stop them immediately so you can reverse the damage they’ve done. Here’s a nice post on Thymus thumping. 

We largely diverted from the main topic but that’s a point to remember while choosing the foods good for candida. Thymus stimulating foods are required as much as those not tickling your tummy the wrong way worsening your condition. These are also the foods bad for candida.

Divide foods good for candida into four parts; it will be easier to remember. First one: That makes Candida starve. Next, those which kill. Third: Foods that stimulate not just the Thymus but the entire immune and digestive systems (and hence, assimilation and metabolism). And last: Those that reset normal peristalsis and gut pH. That covers the entire range and done without breaks will fix you up 100% in 3 months flat. 

That might seem pretty long to you, but that’s because you haven’t heard the next part: To sustain and eventually make your insides foolproof it will be a full year (at least) and those foods are different from this list. That much said, cleansing the insides first is paramount. It might so happen that some extra candida will always remain present otherwise.

The cleansing process is nicely elaborated here (link) and on digestion et al here (link). These herbs, spices and foods together do a wonderful job so it’s essential that you go through it. We will go to the foods straight from here. 

You can practically eat any veggie that’s green in color (try lightly steamed, not completely boiled or overboiled), lean animal protein (best if organic; nothing processed. You must have hard boiled eggs though, if you get Salmonella, it will be terrible. Keep out cheese from animal protein. Buy them raw and cook at home with olive oil, if possible. Else, plain boil it or grill/bake/tandoori it with garlic, onions, ginger, basil, thyme – rest you will get here). Avoid gluten (anything made from whole and refined wheat, I couldn’t even tolerate oats or corn flower) and colored vegetables (capsicum, carrots etc.) at any cost. No condiments. No sweets. Small amounts of potatoes are not a problem. But not with every meal. If you feel really weak, then go for the Cranberry nectar. As it is, it’s helpful in killing candida and curing UTI. Others are lemon juice (for vitamin C), fresh parsley, mustard greens (boiled), Romaine lettuce, turnip greens (this one you cook), boiled spinach, fish, shellfish, lean goat meat, lamb, veil, calf's liver, boiled Swiss chard, raw cauliflower (soaked thoroughly in lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt) and asparagus. These give you Vitamin B6 to energize T-cell functioning and boost blood lymphocyte counts; vitamins B1(thiamin) and B2 (riboflavin) to improve normal antibody responses and vitamin B12 to restore functioning of phagocytic cells. They’ll also give you a lot of folate, vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K. Additionally; you must get probiotics and multivitamin and trace mineral supplements. Try the ones that have a little extra zinc and methylcobalamin instead of cyanocobalamin. Also, do a little bit aerobics (15 mins) everyday to get your lymphatic system working. No weights, for that will stress you and will again weaken your defenses against candida.
answered Jul 24, 2013 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)