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Is candida connected with sinus infections?

Are there any studies that have been done about chronic sinusitis and candida relation? I am always fatigued and have other digestive issues. But sinus has been a pain for me. My naturopath told me i get tested for candida and which I did with candia5 and I got positive now I want to know the connection between the two.
asked Oct 10, 2013 in Misc by 120kmike

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You are absolutely right. There appears to be a direct link between sinus infections and Candida. For long, medical practitioners have thought that the bacteria are the causal agent of sinusitis. Therefore, if you happen to complain of sinus infections to your physician more often than not he would prescribe antibiotics. In a number of cases in the recent times it has been found that antibiotics are futile to curb cases of sinusitis. Even then some would think that the bacteria might have gained antibiotic resistance properties and hence cannot be treated with it. Huh! A really complex scenario as you would imagine. But a simpler approach by the physician would surely make him suspect a different culprit altogether, the yeast Candida. In fact there are now reports available that suggest the involvement of the yeast is in greater number of cases as compared to the bacteria.

Symptoms of sinusitis:
Sinusitis or sinus infection is a chronic condition manifested as a result of inflammatory responses in the nose and sinus membranes. It is usually characterized by discharge and the congestion of nose, fever, headache, post nasal dripping and facial pressure. There may be pain in the eyes, nose, teeth, upper jaw, forehead, cheeks. In general, sinusitis may be categorized into acute and chronic. In addition to the aforesaid symptoms, dizziness, irritability, fatigue and nausea are linked with chronic sinusitis. So, if you happen to encounter these symptoms, you could do well to get yourself checked for Candida overgrowth rather than going on with the motion and consuming high amounts of antibiotics. The presence of Candida can be easily and efficiently be detected by the CanDia5 test kit.
The evidence for the link between sinusitis with Candida:
According to a recent work by the scientists at Mayo Clinic, the causative agent in most of the reported cases of sinus infections in the US has been found to be fungus and not bacteria as was the pre-established belief. Thus, it is not surprising to you now why your nose won’t stop flowing even after taking piles of antibiotics. In fact, it has been a common observation that the intake of antibiotics would go on to make the problem chronic since it would compromise the population of normal microflora of your body and give Candida a growth advantage. According to Dr. Jens Poinkau who led the research group from Mayo clinic, the inflammatory responses of the volunteers towards the fungus were similar to the one which give rise to sinusitis. Dr. Josephson, a New York based ENT specialist was not surprised by the findings of the study and agreed that indeed Candida can be a cause of our sinus infections.
So, now you can well understand what could be the right approach of you sinusitis treatment. It shouldn’t at all be a random approach of taking antibiotics as it will only aggravate your condition doing more harm than good if the causative agent is Candida and not bacteria. Going by the recent trends of sinus infections there is every possibility that it is indeed Candida. When caught by a runny nose you need to check for Candida overgrowth. If the result confirms the presence of Candida you should follow strict anti-Candida supplementation like the specific strains of probiotics which are considered safe for your health. In addition, they provide the required fighting strength to your immune system. Are you still wondering what to pick and how to pick? Which probiotic product can help you to booost your immune responses and fight against sinusitis problems? Go for ‘Probacto’, a well balanced combination of the beneficial probiotic strains in the required viable numbers.
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answered Oct 10, 2013 by Feroj Qualified Member (900 points)