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Are spicy foods good for Candida?

Some people tell me spicy foods are good for candida, some tell me it's bad for it. What do you guys think?
asked Jul 20, 2013 in Treatment by Melinda

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Interesting question. There is certainly a lot of controversy about spicy foods being good for candida, good for your health, etc. Certain herbs and spices not only kill candida but also make the beneficial gut flora grow stronger. Thus, they are recommended with the probiotics supplement you are taking. But you must avoid the dried herbs and spices for they might contain additives. Fresh herbs are absolutely safe.
I can well imagine your surprise. While the Internet floods with statements like “Don’t eat spices for they irritate your intestinal walls”, my recommendation sounds like some cock-and-bull story given out by a spice vendor. Well, it’s not so for I hold a 9 to 5 job and that’s not in the spices section of any departmental store either. There’s a growing body of evidence pointing to the benefits of spices but just like anything else, going overboard makes you face all that music. I guess this is the case with people who turn their thumbs down in the face of spicy foods. IMHO, these are them who poured in truckloads of spices in their food for an overnight recovery. Blaming others for our own faults is our inherent nature; this time, it’s the spices that are accused. Spicy is good, over-spicy is definitely not.    
You can’t deny the antioxidants and anti-fungal properties spices have. Google a bit on it and you will collect enough info to shed inhibitions. For example: Indian long pepper, black pepper and garlic. Together they make for TRIKATU (Katu, in Sanskrit, means pungent/hot), a traditional digestion booster used in Indian Ayurveda. They also aid in better absorption of nutrients, so fills up the depleted levels in your body faster. Additionally, it helps prevent Helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) bacteria and therefore, the formation of intestinal ulcers. If you can’t stand the extreme pungency, you may use cumin, coriander and oregano instead. But not fenugreek or basil; they also increase estrogen, which feeds candida. Try spending more time in the sun; it raises metabolism. Oregano’s isomeric phenols are good antioxidants and protect against oxidative stress.
Apart from the above, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, paprika and rosemary are also beneficial and together with probiotics supplements, their effects are increased tenfold, including an improve circulation and reduced inflammation of the stomach lining. They weaken the intestinal parasites, allowing the probiotics work double full steam.
Rosemary is particularly beneficial in killing viruses and fungi, so indigestion and joint pain are greatly reduced. If you can’t get Rosemary, try Thyme. It has the powers to kill even Shigella (the most toxic enterobacteria) and Staphylococcus bacteria.
And do not forget Turmeric. Indians use this golden-yellow spice as a staple to everything as a defense against parasites, bacteria and inflammations, both internal and topical. The antioxidant in it (curcumin) also resists cancer and LDL formation and revs up digestion better than any other pharmacological digestive enzymes.
Another thing – though not a spice – you may try is Neem for its powerful anti-bacterial/fungal properties. Full of chlorophyll; the alkaloids azadiractine and nimbin, it cleanses out Candida from blood and normalizes gut bacteria, so consider it a steroid for the probiotics supplement you are taking. However, limit usage to two weeks max and take a break for another two weeks. Why because it also makes your testosterone levels go low if you overdo it and might damage your liver and kidneys. Pregnant ladies, please stay away from it, will you?
answered Jul 20, 2013 by AdrianDole Trusted Candida Expert (8,120 points)