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Vegan Anti-Candida Diet not showing weight loss

Similar questions have been asked before, however the response always seems to not match my situation- so I figured I would ask. I've been no carb, sugar free and vegan for a week or so now and doing an anti-candida cleanse supplementation. I have been lightening my load of beans and tofu, however it is pretty hard to maintain my vegan diet (of 2+ years) while still being anti-candida. You can see below that I've still been having beans of some kind daily.

I know that die off symptoms can be pretty bad, but I need to lose 5-10 pounds and I was hoping that the cut out of carbs and sugar would have that positive impact on me as well. Unfortunately, no change... Just bloat, bloat, bloat.
I have cut out all fruit except for a banana and a handful of cherries that I've had (spaced out over the past week). I am a pretty big stevia consumer, so I do at least have about 4 packets of that daily.
A standard day of eating consists of something like this:

Two herbal teas, 2 stevia packets, splash of almond milk

Shot of apple cider vinegar in water 3x daily, along with a nightly candida supplement, vaginal suppository and daily probiotic

Raw cabbage bed with toppings of garbanzo beans, tempeh/tofu, broccoli and some hemp seeds. Splash of brags amino acid or Apple cider vinegar for flavor

At night I've been enjoying some zero calorie noodles, or adzuki bean noodles with sautéed onions, bell peppers and hemp seeds. Veggies differ depending on what I have on hand, but generally speaking is either onion, broccoli, carrot, or cabbage (red and green).

I've been snacking on veggies with HOMEMADE hummus- I eat homemade only to avoid other random ingredients. Usually includes a little lemon juice and tahini.

Toppings or other items I use frequently to cook with: some coconut flour (I made a treat using that and some Lilly's brand stevia sweetened chocolate chips), mustard, amino acid, almond milk, vegan butter, garlic.
I also made a hot cacao drink to try to replace my coffee on several occasions: unsweetened cocoa powder with hot water, splash of almond and stevia.

I had maybe a half cup of rainbow quinoa along with dinner one evening, but in general carb intake has been close to zero.

Sorry this is so extensive... But I'm trying to give full disclosure to make sure I don't lie to myself about what I'm actually consuming. My husband is on this diet as well, and although he is not looking to lose weight, he hasn't either. What are we doing wrong?
asked Sep 23, 2016 in General Candida Questions by Taylor

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