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Afraid I may have infection..

I started my first period in January and had a period every month until April. If I remember correctly, in April I got extreme strep throat and was on antibiotics and steroids. I have not had a period since then and I felt itchy a few times but now, in June, I'm feeling very itchy and there is an odor. In April, I didn't know why I hadn't had a period so I just wanted to wait it out and see if I had one next month... and near the end of May I got strep throat again. Please help, I'm nervous to talk to my mom, BUT I have had a yeast infection before and I think I have it again, so I will talk to her and a doctor if necessary. Any advice, or ideas if this is why my period has stopped or if I do have a yeast infection?
asked Sep 23, 2016 in Vaginal by Nervous.

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