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What type of tests should I be done to check for Candida overgrowth?

I have had a problem with I believe to be Candida Overgrowth for a few years now.  It causes me great discomfort in my digestive system and disrupts my thyroid so I feel cold all the time.  I have had an Endoscopy and Colonostopy and both came out negative.  My abdomen swells up in the area of the small intestine and it gets very tight.  There are times it gets a little looser and feels better, But it seems when I eat any type of meats contaning beef it flares up.

I have been taking antifungals and a good digestive enzyme.  Also taking probiotics of 60 billion daily.  Is that enough?  Been trying hard to stick with a good diet, but sometimes I slip.  I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.

I did have thrush on my tougue and the inside of my cheek, but that looks much better now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


asked Oct 3, 2014 in Treatment by Bob

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Hello bob

I would advise that you keep a control on your diet and try to also stay away from fruits. You are not forbidden the consumption of red meat but I do advise that you limit the amounts that you are eating. There is some evidence that these proteins may create the type of environment in your intestines that can lead to a Candida overgrowth. However, avoiding sugars (fruits) is far more important for beating your Candida. Small amounts of meat or fish will not hurt your diet, you just need to make sure that your portions are small.
answered Sep 24, 2016 by anonymous