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Is it bad to take yeast cleansing medication for long periods of time?

I successfully diagnosed myself with yeast overgrowth several months ago. I went on the diet and started a round of candida cleanse meds. I felt wonderful. I thought all was normal and went back to the healthy life that I hadn't seen in over a year. I have now learned that it isn't so easy. After a few weeks, I started with my "blah" feeling. I've been managing for the past several months by taking candida cleanse meds daily. It should be a 2 week duration of meds and I have been taking for months. I am pleased that I have now found probacto and I will be starting the diet again. I now realize that this is a long process. My question for you is: how bad is it for my body to be taking these yeast cleansing meds for such a duration of time? I've probably tried more than 5 brands from the health store. It's hard to give them up when it helps so much.
asked May 8, 2014 in General Candida Questions by lily

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I've taken these medicines for a while, and I believe the biggest issues with many of them is that they stop working after a while. Depending on the medicines, some do work excellent for long periods of time. I've heard of people taking them for years without any issues. So I guess it really depends, I see nothing in the Probacto ingredients myself which seems to have any issues for taking it for long periods of time.
answered May 9, 2014 by anonymous