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Have had candida for years, and have a few questions

I believe I've had candida since I was 19 years old, I'm now 26 but have been suffering for years. It all started when I've been emotionally, physically, mentally stressed, had a poor diet, and was depressed. I've also had bad allergies and asthma around that time so I've been using the inhalers.

Around that time I developed a cold where I lost my voice, and had to spit every 5 minutes because I had nonstop mucous that just would not stop. It was a thick, stringy, mucous that would be occasionally yellow and brown. But I dont have a sinus infection. This makes me extremely insecure to speak close to people, because the thick mucus causes a white coating, sometimes yellow tongue, and I also develop small tonsil stones. I always have a toothbrush in my purse.
Year after year it gets worse. It started in 2008. Then by 2010 I did a NAET test and found out im sensitive to all dairy. I eliminated dairy products. However I can consume small amounts of cheese. But if I consume too much, I feel drowsy, sleepy and on drugs. I also get thicker mucus that gets trapped in my sinuses and causes a sinus headache for 2-3 days. Same problem with soy products. I clean my nose with saline and filtered water.

I suspected I had candida but wasnt 100% sure. I thought parasites were my problem. I have seen stringy worm things in my bowel movements. I took HUMAWORM. After doing it I havent seen parasites since. I took that around beginning of 2013.

This year i found out i have h pylori. I took the 7 day HP pac. Coincidently when i was on that medication my excess mucus stopped. As soon as i completed treatment it came back. Odd!

I found out I have candida through a blood test. My IgA is equivocal, IgG is no reaction, IgM is high. I'm not surprised since I have 80% of the symptoms.

The candida affects my digestion. I always have bloating, severe flatulence, trapped gas after eating or drinking. My h pylori is gone because I no longer have acid reflux after eating acidic fruits, drinks. My digestion slightly is better.

Over the years I tried many many products. Even organic oil of oregano. Nothing worked. Now I know why. I never went on a diet and took antifungals at the same time.

My question is I plan on doing the candida diet. Should I avoid All foods I'm sensitive too?
Can I ever cure these food sensitivies and go back to consuming dairy?
Can I use antifungals in my sinuses? Like nystatin?
I'm highly sensitive to alcohol. Get stomach cramps, drowsiness, more gas. Can I still consume fermented kefir water, milk, homemade saurkraut?

Here are some of my symptoms:

-Most trapped gas is on the lower left abdomen. Under my left rib. I dont rarely get gas on the right. Strange
-Painful menstrual cramps lower back pain.Can start 2 weeks before period
- thick mucus
- whites of eyes are not white like a few years ago. Yellow, brown, gray lines
- chronic daily post nasal drip
- highly sensitive to smoke, scents. Causes sinus pressure and headaches if smelt for more than a few minutes.
- food allergies
- bones crack(drink almond milk)
- weak muscles
- white hairs again on my LEFT side of scalp.
- excess flatulence
- sometimes toxic egg smelling gas
- **onions, garlic dont leave my tongue. It makes my breath smell like bad. My sister said like metal. I have to brush my teeth if I consume onions oe garlic. The awful weird taste stays.
- no libido. Then some days extremely high libido. Hormones are definitely off balance
- excess clear vaginal discharge.
- not many yeast infections. But im easily susceptible to them. causes if I wear tight underwear, pants, sleep with underwear on at night.
- yawn often during the day. Even if I sleep 10hrs.
- dry mouth when I wake up in the morning. Also clear mucus on teeth and gums. Horrible morning breath. Before candida and allergies I barely had morning breath.
- cold sores 2x per year
- smelly scalp, chronic dandruff. I wash my hair with a few drops of tea tree oil or peppermint. In 2 days my scalp will smell dirty like I havent washed it
- hair use to grow super fast. Hair growth slowed down. My eyelashes dont seem as thick and dark like before either.
- dry body skin
- cold finger tips( had this since I was a kid but it seems worse now)
- my immune system I believe was poor until I took organic 100% blackseed oil for 2 months. Around march this year. I dont get others people flus and colds anymore. The blackseed did something to my immune system. Probably removing h pylori helped as well. I did it around the same time frame.

Before candida my cramps werent as severe. I got sick maybe once per year. Had a great immune system. Was 100% healthy. Fast growing hair etc.=
asked May 12, 2014 in General Candida Questions by anonymous

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I would avoid all foods you are sensitive to and slowly reintroduce them as your body can handle it.

Depending on your body, there are foods you can consume again as well as foods you cannot. But once free from candida, eating basic foods, breads, grains, shouldn't be the biggest issue in the world.

Using antifungals in your sinuses depends on if your doctor wants you to use them or not.

I would be careful with foods I consume such as kefir, and I would even consider using water kefir. You must be careful with everything you put in your body.
answered Jun 13, 2014 by anonymous