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Glass of Chardonnay cause of my yeast infections?


I love Chardonnay wine and usually drink at least one glass a day, sometimes more.

Recent informarion suggests that this might be the reason I have recurrent yeast flareups.
Would you agree? If so, is it necrssary to give up wine forever? I am 70 years old, 71 at
the end of August.

I 'd hate to give up cold white wine.

asked Jul 11, 2014 in Diet by anonymous

1 Answer

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I used to drink a glass a week and it caused my yeast infections, but when I stopped drinking wine completely it actually went away. If I was you and wanted to keep drinking wine, I would stop for a while, take some probiotics as well as cfort10 (antifungal), and do that for a while. Then I would slowly reintroduce wine into my system and see if it works.
answered Oct 28, 2014 by anonymous