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Coating on tongue that can be scraped off

I have had IBS when I was younger and had part of my bowel removed about 9 years ago. I have a layer of coating on my tongue (I do not believe it's a yeast tongue, it's coating that can be taken off with a tongue scraper but it always comes back). I have tried many things, diet, remedies, but nothing is helping at the moment. I'm on a sugar and carb-free diet with coconut oil, but nothing is working. Is there anything else I can do, I've spent a fortune on products, holistic doctors,e tc.
I know the yeast on my tongue is due to stomach overgrowth.
asked Feb 23, 2014 in Oral & Thrush by anonymous

1 Answer

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If the yeast is not formed in very thick layers it can be scraped off with a tongue scraper. It is most likely a layer of east that is not THAT much.

If I was you, I'd look into a better anti-candida diet than the one you are currently on as you seem to be having difficulty and the results aren't there. I understand that results are never instant, but you should feel like you're getting better. Download the one on candidadiet.org
answered Mar 19, 2014 by anonymous