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Struggling with die-off, what's my next step?

It was great to find this site because I have a variety of symptoms I believe to be die-off. I am (at long last) addressing my candida/leaky gut/food allergy issues as I desire to be healthy again for another pregnancy. I initially went with Candidase, an enzyme based treatment, expecting little die off. Boy was I wrong! The recommended dose was too much for me and I had to quit completely. Also, I was not eliminating well which I think made it worse. So I tried another route. I decided to try Oxypowder by GHC. First 5 days were great and I was beyond "regular" for a change. Then, I began to get constipated, gassy, hives, red & itchy eyes and tingling in my extremities. I didn't think it was possible because I thought this was simply a colon flush, but seems that I am again struggling with die off. I am going to back down the dose but I don't want to quit. Like many, though, I am finding myself trying different things by trial and error and spending money I do not have! Also I am quite sad and disappointed this is taking a lot longer than anticipated... :( Just wondering if you had any advice. Thank you!!!
asked Feb 23, 2014 in Die-Off by anonymous

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Sadly die-off is something that happens to most everybody who is trying to get rid of candida. There are ways to deal with it and minimize it which is what you need to do.

You really need to read this blog article on candida die-off. It really is informative and everything you need to know.

answered Mar 21, 2014 by anonymous