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Trying to conceive but have candida

My husband and I are going to start trying to conceive, but believe we both (along with our 2 year old son) have a chronic yeast problem. What course of treatment would you recommend to safely pursue during conception, pregnancy and nursing?
asked Feb 20, 2014 in Pregnant/Nursing by anonymous

1 Answer

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When you're pregnant or nursing you have to make sure that you get the complete nutrients necessary for your baby. It's ideal that you will get rid of the candida before you get pregnant so you're not forced to be on a specific candida diet. It will be much easier for you.

Pregnancy is difficult as it is when you do not have candida. When you combine pregnancy with cravings, and restrictions on what you can it, it wil make it several times more difficult.

I believe that you can eat small amounts of fruit, high quality carbohydrates, sugars, and really just make sure that the baby comes out healthy. It's really a tricky situation, and try to make sure that you do not do anything too extreme.
answered Feb 21, 2014 by anonymous