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Treatment with diet alone

I'm following the candida diet but please tell me how can I cure yeast infection only by diet without using any antifungal pills. Because I can not get those pill from pharmacy with out my GP's prescription. And my GP says everything is fine with me and I dont suffer from any illness
asked Feb 22, 2014 in Diet by anonymous

1 Answer

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I used to thinkt hat I can treat with diet alone, but I found out that it was nearly impossible. Diet is super important, and one of the most important parts to treat any candida infestation, but without probiotics it will just be very difficult. You need antifungals as well. You can get a lot of benefits from diet, but the people who promote that just never really had a serious candida infestation. They probably had something else.

I've needed to take probiotics as well as antifungals, those are the two most important parts to treating an infestation. If you are not able to kill the candida, and if you can not give your body the beneficial bacteria that it needs, how will your body create new ones?
answered Mar 21, 2014 by anonymous