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Are my symptoms candida?

For the past couple of years I have suffered with many symptoms of which doctors cannot diagnose including:
Itchy scalp & hair loss (I believe after eating sugar or cereal & bread)
Joint pains & stiffness
Allergies to chemicals, food, perfumes, animals, odours etc
Chronic indigestion & acid
And many more! All described by doctors as puzzling. 
Could these all be related to a candida yeast infection? I carried out the spit test this morning and I had the legs and cloud at the bottom.
asked Jun 4, 2015 in Diagnosis by anonymous

1 Answer

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Candida is the scientific name given to fungi’s genus. Candida infections is also known as candidiasis or fungal infections, which generally occur in the mouth and throat. It generally become the cause of inflammation in the infected tissues, affected skin, making it red or weepy, and often produces a thick, white vaginal discharge. There are list of diagnostic tests like physical examination, full blood count and ESR, immunoglobulins and microbiological tests are used to diagnose the disease. I think you should go for these tests to clarify the doubt.
answered Jul 18, 2015 by DianaPrice
edited Jul 18, 2015 by admin