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Are probiotics enough or do I need to do more?

I am sure that I have candida or yeast. I've been going to a naturopath doctor , and we did some bloodwork which showed it.
I've had stomach issues for over 10 years since I gave birth to my daughter. My lungs have gotten extremely sick, and I had pulmonary hypertension. My stomach issues continued. The past couple years I've developed seisures as well. I spent 3 weeks in the ICU for sepsis.
I think that it came from the gut. I fought against c-diff for almost two years before I finally got rid of it with oregano oil.
I've been developing more and more allergies over the past yew years. I've changed my diet to be gluten and lactose free, and am now eliminating soy.
I need some sort of milk, so I'm drinking goats milk, and wanted to know if that was okay. I've been buying all organic meat, dairy and produce. I'm doing well on this diet, and also taking probiotics, nac, and fish oil as well.
My big problem though is I just crave sweets. I've had congestion around my lower abdomen and pelvic bone where it feels inflammed and spongy. I'm not quite sure what it is. My bowel movements are also not as good as they once were.
I want to know if drinking goats milk is okay, and if I should do anything else besides taking probiotics? Thank you
asked Jun 4, 2015 in Treatment by anonymous

2 Answers

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Drinking goat milk is okay as long as its in moderate levels, what you need to do is get a stool test analysis done for candida albicans and then let us know about your results. Also what I have found is that a lot of people go buy probiotics at their local pharmacy those sort of probiotics dont work against candida you need a good potent formula like probacto.
answered Jun 15, 2015 by anonymous
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What sort of diet are you following? If it is this diet here then do as you are instructed without adding stuff that has not been tested.

Are you also taking probiotics made for candida yeast infection or a random probiotic? It's imperative you take probiotics made for candida yeast infection try probacto.

answered Jun 15, 2015 by anonymous