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I'm fed up with chronic yeast infection, diflucan isn't working!

I have been dealing with a chronic vaginal yeast infection for over a year, I am FED UP!!! I have recently changed my diet to gluten free, but I think I need to do more since the yeast infection hasn't gone away. I make a green juice every morning consisting of cucumber, kale, carrot, ginger root and a pear or apple. Is this juice not a good idea? I will put almond milk in my gluten free cereal. Are rice cakes ok to eat with almond butter or peanut butter? I am trying to follow your diet guidelines but I am also trying to incorporate what I like. Lastly, what about gluten free pasta with marinara sauce? And Keefer? The doctor that I go to keeps putting me on Diflucan and it is obviously not working. Is there anything that I could tell my doctor to help relieve my symptoms and get my life back?
asked Jun 4, 2015 in Treatment by anonymous

1 Answer

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Have you tried reading the candida diet detox and protocol?


I had chronic yeast infection, and it's the ONLY thing that helped. Nothing else worked. Follow the meal plan book as well.
answered Jun 4, 2015 by anonymous