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The link between vinegar and candida?

I recently read that Bragg vinegar was good for candida. Also that it could be caused from a thread worm parasite. Is that why you refer to them as bugs? Should I stop the vinegar that I just started? Doesn't sauerkraut have vinegar?
Another symptom I read somewhere was that you can get yeast infections under your breasts. I couldn't figure out why my breasts were so moist and smelled bad, until I read that candida likes damp dark places. It would be good if this site had more information on that.
I have been dealing with this for quite a few years now and it seems that food grade peroxide helps tremendously. My yeast infections stop and I'm not tired all the time. ( I yawned constantly ) But I can't seem to fight the sugar cravings. And you need to do the peroxide on an empty stomach, so I tend to slack off in the winter when I want hot coffee in the morning. I think I'll try tea instead. What is the general consensus on peroxide?
asked Jun 8, 2015 in General Candida Questions by kahn

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Bragg vinegar is good however I have found out that the NZ ACV is the best you can get. The quality is beyond what you can find in states. However just so you know ACV alone is not strong enough to get rid of candida. You should incorporate some antifungal and probiotics for faster results. Check cfort10 and probacto probiotics and try it for a month or so.

There is no need to stop your vinegar treatment however as I said it will be a slow process.

Yes you can get yeast infection under your breast, those are the rashes with smell, we have answered that question here on candida questions forum before make sure to check it out here

I do not know much about the peroxide however I think there is an article on curezone that covers the topic in detail.

answered Jun 8, 2015 by anonymous