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What to do with my skin rash?

I have been going to different Dr.'s for 30 years trying to figure out what is wrong, I've had anything from plant allergies to flea bites to what they have said was the cause. I know now that it is a yeast infection on my skin. I have been taking probiotics and a fungal cream for athletes foot and virgin coconut oil rubbed on the rash. It covers the underside of my arms and my entire thigh and knee areas. The rash is almost gone and I've been doing treatment for six days. My question is how long should I do this and does the rash come from inside the body or is it yeast that lives on the outside of the body? And what causes the intense itching when it starts? I have found you page most helpful and can't believe that any of the Dr.'s that I have seen over the years have not thought that this could have been the problem.
asked Jun 9, 2015 in Treatment by Sabrina

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Hello Sabrina,

Have you read the candida diet protocol by Sean on probacto's blog? That is the first thing I recommend you to do go through the whole treatment protocol it is about 4-5 pages of invaluable information that you will not find anywhere else. There is also link to candida recipe book which contains a lot of recipes that you can use to make sure you are eating the right foods.

The fungal cream doesnt do much other than just helping you for a shortterm. For candida yeast you need to get rid of it internally as well, that is why I recommended the candida diet page.

You have to follow the treatment program for at least 6-12 months given you been going though yeast infection for almost 30 yrs you need to give it at least 12 months before you can get rid of it.

What sort of probiotic are you taking? Is it probacto probiotic for yeast infection or a random one you found in your grocery store/walmart? Those probiotics do no good. Make sure to order probacto and cfort10 (great antifungal to take with probiotics).

Once you are on treatment program you may experience candida die-off symptoms and in that case make sure to read this article it will help you big time.

answered Jun 19, 2015 by anonymous