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On diet but still have terrible itch

I'm eating vegetables and yogurth, white, plain. I feel much much better, but after my period I feel not comfortable in the vagina. It burns. So I'm putting some garlic inside (I hope it's not crazy, I read that more than once). Is it helpful? I'm also taking caprilyc acid and omega 3 cod liver, coconut milk and coconut oil, daily.
I've been strict on the diet for one week, I feel great but I cannot stand the itch down there. Do you have any suggestion?
asked Feb 14, 2014 in Treatment by denise

1 Answer

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Garlic is best when used in the early stages of a yeast infection. When it's very late, the effect that it can have while still working as an antifungal isn't that amazing. You have to also be careful, if something is burning when it's inside you need to take it out. Do not do anything risky, that area is very sensitive especially when inflammed.

The antifungals that you are taking, caprilic acid, coconut oil as wel as the supplements you are taking are fine. You can add something like undecenoic acid as well which in my opinion is probably the best natural antifungal.

I would also take more probiotics, in the form of a supplement. Being on the diet for 1 week is not always enough things might take longer than expected. Also if it's not getting better, do not be afraid to visit your doctor.
answered Feb 15, 2014 by monica