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Have no willpower - addicted to sugar and wine

I am one of those unfortunate people who suffers from candida. In 2000 I managed to stay on a 'Candida Diet' for almost 6 months. I felt great, but somehow slipped into my bad habits. In 2007 I was diagnosed with MS. I have been working hard to balance my life. Since we moved to NZ in 2005 (I am originally from South Africa) I began to drink wine on a very regular basis. I believe that this has caused my candida to be out of control. I try so hard to correct my ways, but never manage more than a day! I feel quite hopeless and am falling into a bit of depression to be honest. I really wish I could just STOP EATING SUGAR AND DRINKING WINE!!!! I have absolutely no will power.
If you have any tips whatsoever to help me sort myself out, it would be greatly appreciated.
asked Jun 9, 2015 in General Candida Questions by anonymous

1 Answer

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It is never easy to be on any diet, what I have found out over the years is that people try to start a new diet at the extreme level rather than making small gradual changes. So instead of cutting sugar/wine completely out of your diet, make sure to cut it down slowly, so lets say you drink daily start by drinking 2 times a week just during the weekends or 3 times if you cant 2 times.

After a while try to cut it down to 1 and then cut it down to once every 2 weeks and then once every month. If your case is severe you will have to start slow and make gradual changes. Same goes for sugar.

I also recommend you take probacto probiotics + cfort10 to build up your immune system against candida. It is never too easy however if you make small changes over a period of time you will find it will be much easier. It's the same as going to the gym, when you start you cant lift 180pounds but with time as you get stronger lifting lighter weights you gain the strength to eventually lift 180 pounds. Apply similar strategy to your diet and lifestyle.
answered Jun 11, 2015 by anonymous