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Candida diet for vegetarian

I have constant problems with gas, stomach pains, burping. I have done all test but everything came negative. However, we haven't done any test for yeast. We have done stool test fo H. Pyoroli and it was normal. But reading from your article it seems like I have yeast problem. Another reason I suspect yeast is because my daughter (6 years old) had a fungal infection/thrush in her mouth about 6 month ago and my son (2 years old) had a fungal infection on his legs. They are both recovered but I think I have yeast infection in stomach. I like eatings sweets i.e. chocolate, cookie etc. I am more than happy to give it all away and start a strict diet. However, my problem is I am pure vegeterian and hence I can't give away eating grains otherwise I won't have any choice to eat. What should a vegetarian do for a candida diet?
asked Feb 10, 2014 in Diet by anonymous

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It's really difficult when children have a yeast infection. They do not understand why you are restricting their diet to something that is far from delicious. They are picky eaters and just want to eat the way that they want.

A candida diet, is not impossible for a pure vegetarian to eat. There are alternatives in terms of nuts, that you can have. It isn't the most amazing food, but there are meals. Look at the candida-free meal plan, it comes with meals for every occasion. Many of them are completely vegetarian.

If you do eat eggs, then your diet became a whole lot easier as well.
answered Feb 14, 2014 by anonymous