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High cholesterol, dry, scaly, itchy ear and face

I have seen many GI specialists and no one can give me any insight as to why I bloat so badly. I'm a healthy person with the exception of high cholesterol. I suffer from a lot of the candida symptoms listed here and would like some help as to what I need to do to. The worst of it now is my skin on my face and behind my right ear is dry, scaly and itchy all the time it's driving me mad.
I've done colon cleanses and liver cleanses. I'm about to do another liver cleanse since it helped so much with my cystic acne, with hopes that it will help this with my skin. Currently I stopped taking Metamucil, which has lowered my Cholesterol to 205, but have been taking strong probiotics.
I was wondering if you knew anybody in the same situation who had candida, and had the same problems that I did. I'm thinking I should go on a good diet, but not 100% sure if I have candida.
asked Feb 10, 2014 in Diagnosis by samaria

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Most people who go on candida diets are never 100% sure if they have candida. They strongly believe they do and are willing to give it a shot. There are countless symptoms that candida can cause, and many of them stay hidden such as brain fog. How can that really be diagnosed? It's really difficult, and that is why it's hard to know if you're infected with candida.

Tests like the Candia5 test or the Organic Acid Test help remove some of the nervousness and worry associated with candida, but nothing is absolutely perfect or certain. If you believe there is a high chance you have candida, I'd give it a shot and go for the diet. It will do you good to go away from sugars for a while.
answered Feb 11, 2014 by jen