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Eliminate Chronic Fungal Infection

I have a chronic fungal infection since 7 - 8 years and I have tried all sorts of medications in the past three years like different antifungals both external applications of creams and shampoos and oral capsules. 
I have started using dusting powder it was quite useful but the condition is not cured completely. Still I'm using dusting powder every morning and it's frustrating to use the dusting powder for five years continuously. If I stop using dusting powder the condition flare up with symptoms like itching and sweating. Also I'm using some cosmetic cream to apply around the thighs for years because if not, the infection start spreading all over the thigh. Please can you help how I can eliminate this infection completely.
asked Feb 2, 2014 in Treatment by anonymous

1 Answer

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The reason that the dusting powder helps is because it keeps the area that is traditionally very moist and provides an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and yeast to not be so good of a place for it to grow. If your flora is balanced and well maintained it will be much harder for it to grow.

You need to take care of the infection at the root, and start a good candida diet. You need good bacteria in your gut so taking probiotics will also help. Read the candida diet, detox and protocol, it's absolutely no fluff and just tells you how to get rid of candida.
answered Feb 4, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)