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Living with Yeast Infection for 3 years


I have been living with a yeast infection for the last three years which I think I got from using antibiotics. I've tried yeast diets and medication but the yeast infection returns. I live with chronic hives and itchy thought my body which is unbearable. I just don't know what to do anymore. If you have any advise please let me know. Thank you your time and consideration.

asked Jan 30, 2014 in Treatment by anonymous

1 Answer

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I feel your pain I really do. Having chronic candida yeast absolutely stinks and it's really difficult for it to go away. You sometimes have doubts about what you're doing, and if you're even treating it properly. There will be long tims where it feels like nothing is accomplished. Sadly what you are feeling is normal.

The best suggestion that I can give you is get the candida diet, detox and protocol book. It's the best solution I've seen in helping get rid of candida. You need to take the right diet, with the right supplements, and absolutely stick with it.
answered Jan 31, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)