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Chronic Yeast Infection and Looking for Alternative Help


I have been plagued by chronic yeast infections since my early 20s. I have tried and used all recommended OTC meds and Rx. Recently I have noticed increased symptoms.

My OBGYN, has no real answers for me other than this time he has put me on one year course of Diflucan, earlier this year I completed 6 month regiment with reoccurance within 6 months, hence the reason he wants to go the full year. I will be taking weekly Diflucan for 54 weeks (1 yr) 

I am open and very receptive to changing my diet looking for a possible cure.

My symptoms are: very forgetful, vaginal yeast infections confirmed, negative for bacterial vaginitis, I have itchy scalp, patchy red sun spots below my breast, bad breath, as I get older noticing more anxiety and depression. 

I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on the Diflucan regiment, and anything else.

asked Feb 4, 2014 in Treatment by Jess

1 Answer

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I'm personally not the biggest fan of taking Diflucan for a year because well it's just not good for you. I've heard all sorts of horror stories, and I'm sure everybody else has also, but your doctor has given it to you, and I will not tell you not to follow your doctors advice. For some people Diflucan works absolute wonders.

You should be able to follow a good candida diet and go on diflucan at the same time. Please look at the complete candida diet, detox and protocol, you can get it at the link on your right.
answered Feb 6, 2014 by Steven Candida Expert (3,000 points)