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Symptoms related to candida?


I have been ill for a year now, diagnosed with chronic fatgue but with a range of crazy symptoms that have been put down to post-vial infection after having ross river fever four years ago, although recently blood tests showed that i was extremely iron deficient. I am now seeing a naturopath who has helped me off the Nexium that i had been taking for over a year, and off Pristiq which i have been taking for longer than that. Despite this, and changing my diet to include all of the nutrients my body needs (although i have not eliminated all things that my body does not need - i am a carbo and chocolate addict) my symptoms have only improved a little. I am having a very bad patch now with joint pain, but the combination of symptoms that finally clicked and had me searching the internet at dawn this morning is hair loss (which has accompanied this illness from the start but is particularly bad in this bout) with an itchy, red and very sensitive scalp, ridiculosly itchy armpits and very brittle toenails (which have always been softish with vertical ridges but which are strangely brittle and almost coming away in layers at present). So many of the symptoms are similar to what seems to be candida, but could my hair loss and nail codition be related in your experience? Does it tell you anything about my condition. Also at this time i have a inexplicably inflamed perinum. Please help if you think you can.

asked Feb 4, 2014 in Diagnosis by anonymous

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I also had hair loss due to candida, and before I had it, I didn't even imagine it was possible. I had very brittle nails, was constantly sick, and just always felt like I was unwell. I'd just sit there and daze off for what seemed to be the entire day. I didn't know I was relaly sick, and just figured it was "old age", until I had a yeast infection that would not go away.

Nobody can be 100% sure that what you are suffering is from candida, but others have had the same symptoms as you and it was due to having candida. If I was you, I would consider going on a good anti-candida diet, I think probacto provides one. Worst case it will be good for your health, and you'll find out after a little bit that you do not have candida. I had candida, and it did take time, but I feel much much better now than I ever did..

I saw these links, hopefully they can be helpful to you.



answered Feb 10, 2014 by anonymous